Scheduled Abstracts by Division
Plenary Lectures
Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor S Kaliaguine for Outstanding Contributions in Catalysis
Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor P Carreau for Outstanding Contributions in Rheology and Polymer Nanocomposites
Advances in Carbon Capture
New opportunities in CO2 Utilization/Conversion
Challenges and Opportunities for Micro-algal Technologies
Green Oleocatalysis in Food and Non-food Engineering
Moving from Synthetic to Natural Ingredients
The Future of PSM
Audits and Corrective Actions
Implementing PSM
Process Safety Management in Canada
Risk Control
Process Risk Assessment
Polymer Melts and Composites (Joint with Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor P Carreau for Outstanding Contributions in Rheology and Polymer Nanocomposites)
Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions and Colloids
Biomedical Imaging and Sensing
Functional Biomaterials and Molecular Therapeutics
Tissue Engineering
Engineered Biological Systems
Renewable Chemicals/Bio-products/Bio-therapeutics
Bioengineering Process Intensification
Catalysis for Sustainable Systems
Catalytic Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering Curriculum, Quo Vadis?
Chemical Engineering Curriculum: Optimus Liber Est Magister
Fluid Flow and Mixing in Continuous and Discrete Systems
Transport Phenomena Triptych
Colloids and Interfaces
Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Physicochemical Separation
Batteries, Electrolyzers and Supercapacitors
Fuel Cells
Electrochemical Sensors and Electro-analysis
Fossil Energy
Forest Biomass Refinery
Computational Engineered-Energy Concepts
Thermochemical Conversion
Harvesting Renewable Energy
Trends in Wastewater Mitigation and Water Quality
Waste Management and Recovery: Concepts and Solutions
Industrial Ecology and Resources Conservation
Advances in Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Bio-based, Biomedical and Green Polymers
Novel Functional Polymeric Materials
Polymer Reaction Engineering
Polymer Characterization and Testing
Nanomaterials: New Applications and Enhancing Conventional Processes
Process Optimization and Predictive Control
Applied Statistics and Multivariate Methods in Process Systems
Systems and Process Design and Simulation
Advances in Systems and Control